How Digital Signage Can Help Internal Branding

Internal branding is a measure of corporate strategy that motivates employees to not only deliver on brand promises, but also “live” by them.

Many organizations often underestimate the importance of internal branding Rev Interactive. They find it more important how the public perceives the brand, because the end user is the one who is going to buy your product, not your employees.

This approach may be wrong. As you can see from the definition above, internal branding is designed to encourage employees to believe in the brand promise. With a “living” brand promise, the authenticity of the message naturally becomes part of every external communication and every internal action.

This makes the brand much stronger. By living in the spirit of the brand and telling your employees why they should believe in what they do on a daily basis, you motivate them to believe in the product. If you can’t convince your own employees of the authenticity of your brand, what are your chances of convincing the general public?

Organizations that prioritize employee satisfaction and positive internal communication have higher performance metrics. Organizational culture is at the core of everything a company does, and internal branding is closely related to this. 

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So what does digital signage have to do with all this?

While digital displays are great for capturing the attention of the general public and, subsequently, for increasing sales conversions, the same can be said for the use of digital signage in internal branding.

In order for customers to believe in your brand, they must trust it. Tell them what is great about your product and why they should buy it. The same can be applied to internal branding. In order for your employees to live the core values ​​of your organization, you need to convince them every day with consistent and authentic messages backed up by consistent and authentic actions.

Benefits of digital signage

Think ahead

By introducing digital signage into your workspace and making it an integral part of your organization’s work, you can consistently strengthen your brand’s potential and message. 

As expert notes, after three days the user usually remembers only 10-20% of written or oral information received, but remembers 65% of visual information.

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Should be understood

It’s amazing how many employees have no idea what the core values ​​of the company they work for are. For large, successful organizations, it is highly unlikely that an employee will fail to describe the core values ​​of these companies. They are so ingrained in the head that they become part of everyday work life.

This happens to be the consequence of eccentric internal branding in action.

Motivate yourself 

The essence of great internal branding is that it simultaneously communicates clearly what your core values ​​are, and at the same time motivates your employees to “live” by that in their day to day work.

To learn more about how digital signage can help you motivate, check out How to Change Your Office with Digital Signage.

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